A New Direction

Hello, friends! So, I know this blog has been inconsistent and neglected lately, and I want to take a minute to talk about what this space will be moving forward. I know, I know: Ally, you've written a bunch of posts talking about this. Please just bear with me here.

I haven't really ever figured out what I want this space to be; I just know I want it to reflect the things I care about and for it to be a space in which I talk about my life, how it's changing, and the ideas and events that inspire me, make me think, and change my perspective.

I read lots of blogs, and I've been dabbling and experimenting with different kinds of stuff on here. I've written a few beauty posts. I've written some posts about faith. I've written about music, books, art, my life, the things I love, and the things I struggle with. I don't regret any of these things, but I do regret the way I went about writing lots of them.

I haven't been putting much time into writing what I've been writing on the blog for a little while now. My master's program was so intense, and I was so frazzled and frustrated most of the time that writing on the blog was not a priority, even though I enjoyed it. You can see this in the trajectory of my posts over the last year. When I had breaks, like I did in December of 2016, the quality of the writing was much better. When I was busy, the writing wasn't as solid or well thought out. I want to change that.

I'm going to take a break until the beginning of August. Regular posting here will resume on August 7, and will hopefully follow a regular schedule. I am also planning on enacting a new layout or theme to the blog that makes it a little more streamlined and less cluttered. All of the posts I've written up to this point will still be available and will not be filed away into some digital archive. I'll continue on with book reviews, but most of what will be on here from now on will be like short essays and musings on things that go on in my life and in the world around me. I'm happiest when I'm writing about things I care about, and I'm excited to push forward in this new direction.

Thank you for bearing with me here; I'm working out what I want this blog to look like and feel like, and I've finally come to realize that I needed a new direction and to create a space I care about and love to work with.

I'll see you in August!
Yours Oddly,

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